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Water is our knowledge.

We treat and purify water with a variety of applications. With our application know-how and with our market leading products for land based, maritime and brackish water desalination ,water treatment, filtration systems or our well developed after sales and service, we underline our firm commitment to the water treatment market. We offer solutions to remove unwanted materials as well as microorganisms from almost any kind of water to make it potable or suitable for industrial or other commercial use.

We use only the latest technology in membrane and water treatment and filtration technology combined with our deep know-how based upon years of experience in the market. Our manufacturing sites have the experience, skilled workers and knowledge to optimize and apply the latest but proven technology.

Our water makers can be found anywhere from oil platforms to refugee camps, with our filter systems as an integral part of the offering.

Other systems are used to keep water-based heating and cooling systems running effectively without the use of chemicals, or to ensure that used water from production or processing sites does not contaminate the environment. Our own patented EnwaMatic technology is on a daily basis contributing to a better environment. Chemicals are not needed to avoid corrosion in heating and cooling systems and continuous water treatment increase the efficiency of the heating/cooling circuit reducing the energy consumption an hence the carbon-footprint of the building/vessel.


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