World Water Day

Every day is a water day for us at Enwa, as everything we do relates to water. On World Water Day, 22nd March, we celebrate with some interesting facts about water and what Enwa do with it.

  • On earth there are approximately 1,400,000,000,000 billion liters of water.
  • Only about 3% is potable water and a large part of that is in glaciers. 
  • The largest desalination system produced by Enwa - so far - produces 6 000 000 liters of fresh water per day.
  •  Our systems use the natural process reverse osmosis. It also acts as a biological barrier. 
  • Potable water, water that can be used as drinking water, has a salinity of 600 TDS (millimeters per liters) or less.
  • Water coming from our desalination system has a salinity of 10-500 TDS depending on the demands.

World Water Day is initiated by United Nations to focus attention on the importance of water.

Read about the 6000,000 liter ROs here:

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