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Water Maker (RO)

Production of fresh water from sea water by the use of reverse osmosis.

Reversed osmosis (RO) is one of the most common methods for producing potable water on offshore installations. We supply RO water makers that fully comply with the requirements applicable for the oil and gas industry.

Supply of fresh water is an important issue in an offshore environment. Enwa’s systems using the reverse osmosis process will in most circumstances be the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly process to secure that supply.

Even if the RO principles and technology is well known, we have specialized in manufacturing water maker packages compliant to the demanding requirements, guidelines, rules and regulations applicable for the harsh environments found offshore. Exposure to heavy weather conditions, explosive atmospheres, shock and vibrations in combination with salty, humid and corrosive surroundings demands solid design and high grade materials. Guidelines, rules and regulations such as Norsok, Health Authorities, ATEX and PED are implemented to ensure compliance to the requirements for offshore applications. In addition operators have further strengthened those requirements to meet own high standards with regards to reliability, safe operations and respect for the offshore environment.

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Water treatment for the oil & gas industry

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