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Enwa UV systems

Enwa UV includes two UV series for disinfection of potable- and drinking water. UV systems have an immediate disinfection effect and are often used as a micro bacterial barrier / "gatekeeper".

When UV light penetrates the cell wall of an organism it destroys the cell's ability to reproduce, ie the cell's genetic material (DNA and RNA) are inactivated.Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one of the most common methods of disinfection.

The Enwa UV systems have low pressure (LP) lamps emitting UV-C radiation with wavelength (λ)  = 254 nm of which the disinfection efficiency is at its highest. The Enwa UV disinfection systems have a physical- and not a chemical working principle and no harmful by-products are generated.  Enwa UV includes the following UV series for disinfection of potable- and drinking water;

UV EPW/ Rack EPW Series

Includes systems with capacities ranging from 1,2 – 40 m3/h with UV-C dose of 300 J/m2 1). The UV EPW/ Rack EPW Series have stainless steel 304 reactors (316L optional) which can be installed horizontally or vertically. The UV EPW/ Rack EPW Series offers low operating costs, the newest electronic ballast generation and very low pressure drop.

UV EDW Series    

ÖNORM 5873-1 validated UV systems approved by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH). The UV EDW systems have a UV dose of 400 J/m2 and flow rates from approx. 4-400 m3/h, depending on the UV-C transmittance value. The UV EDW Series have stainless steel 316L reactors with L configuration which can be installed horizontally or vertically.  The UV EDW Series offers validated measurement window and UV sensor, UV intensity reading (W/m2), automatic cleaning system as standard for high capacity models and a user friendly touch screen panel.

1) UV Transmittance 99%-1cm 

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