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Enwa Titanium AOP

Disinfection based on the powerful oxidation technology.

Oxidation is one of the most powerful methods for disinfection of potable water. Enwa Titanium AOP adopts the “Advanced Oxidation Process” based on the strong oxidation capabilities of hydroxyl radicals (•OH) to inactivate and degrade microbes, bacteria and other organic contaminants in the water to non-hazardous substances. The OH-radicals have a higher oxidation potential than eg. Ozone and HCOl, and the rate of degradation is fast and effective.

Enwa Titanium AOP has a strong and immediate disinfection effect well suited as a “gatekeeper” or hygienic barrier in your system. The system can be implemented for new buildings as well as retrofit.

Advantages of Enwa Titanium AOP

  • High disinfection efficiency; Significant decrease of pathogenic microorganisms and other unwanted organic substances. 
  • Environmental friendly; No chemicals are added or used in the process; No by-products are generated.
  • Cost effective; Low need of maintenance; Long lifespan of the reactor and TiO2 film (minimum 25 years).
  • Safe; Automatic monitoring and control system; No permanent changes in the water’s physical or chemical parameters (eg. pH, taste).

Enwa Titanium AOP’s capacity ranges from 1 m3/ h to 400 m3/h and can be installed in parallel to treat even larger volumes.

Suitable for uncomplicated systems

Enwa Titanium AOP is well suited for relatively uncomplicated piping and distribution systems.

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