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Enwa SilSter168

Silver ion steriliser for drinking/potable water disinfection

The use of silver ions for drinking water disinfection is a well proven and accepted method. This method has been in use for decades and many government authorities have adapted the process as being one of the most efficient way of drinking water treatment. Silver ions do not add taste, smell or change the color of the water. As long as enough concentration of silver ions is present in the water, there will be no bacteria in the holding tank, or in the water distribution system.

SilSter advantages

  • Long lasting water disinfection effect.
  • User friendly operation, with simple display menu.
  • Self cleaning electrode, giving a minimum of maintenance.
  • Taste of water will not be affected.
  • Electrode surveillance and alarm.

Capacity up to 25 m3/h. Easy to integrate with the water production systems.


The SilSter 168 unit provides an active dosing of silver ions into a stream of water. This is done by the use of two silver plates in the silver electrode, which are fed with the proper electrical current. A part of the main stream water flow is run through the silver electrode chamber, bringing the produced silver ions back into the main stream of the water. The electrical current is automatically changing directions from one plate to the other, giving a cleaning effect, also providing a very reliable system with a low maintenance effort.

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