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Enwa Titanium AOP

Using the “Advanced Oxidation Process” - one of the most powerful methods for disinfection of drinking water.

Enwa Titanium AOP adopts the “Advanced Oxidation Process” based on the oxidation capabilities of hydroxyl radicals (•OH) to inactivate and degrade microbes, bacteria and other organic contaminants in the water to non-hazardous and inorganic substances. The OH-radicals have a higher oxidation potential than eg. Ozone and H2O2, and the rate of degradation is fast and effective.

Strong and immediate effect

Enwa Titanium AOP has a strong and immediate disinfection effect well suited as a “gatekeeper” or hygienic barrier in your system.Enwa Titanium AOP generates OH-radicals by using the energy from UV-radiation to start a photo catalytic process between the titanium oxide surface (TiO2) inside the Enwa Titanium AOP reactor and the water. The process occurs only inside the reactor, and no harmful by-products or residuals are formed. The Enwa Titanium AOP design also allows the water itself to be exposed by UV radiation hence the water is treated by both UV and AOP.

Advantages of Enwa Titanium AOP

  • High disinfection efficiency; Significant decrease of pathogenic microorganisms and other unwanted organic contaminants.
  • Environmental friendly; No chemicals are added or used in the process; No by-products are generated.
  • Cost effective; Easy maintenance; Long lifespan of the reactor and TiO2 surface (minimum 25 years).
  • Safe; Automatic monitoring and control system; No permanent changes in the water’s physical or chemical parameters (eg. pH, taste).

Enwa Titanium AOP’s capacity ranges from 1 m3/ h to 400 m3/h and can be installed in parallel to treat even larger volumes.

Well suited for uncomplicated systems

Typical applications of Enwa Titanium AOP are hotels, institutions, schools, etc. with relatively uncomplicated piping and distribution systems.

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Frøydis B. Aasen

Advisor, Water Chemistry
+47 33 48 95 01

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