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Safe and healthy drinking water is another perspective of water being at the heart of commercial properties.

The main objective for drinking water treatment is to assure hygienically safe water, and disinfection is the most common remedy for preventing the spread of water borne diseases from pathogenic microorganisms. Enwa deliver a range of disinfection solutions. 

The products range from gatekeepers to prevention systems and are based on the following technologies:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) radiation
  • AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process)
  • Silver and copper ionization
  • Ultrafiltration (UF)

Read more about the different technologies

Using the “Advanced Oxidation Process” - one of the most powerful methods for disinfection of drinking water.

Well proved technology of silver- and copper ionization to inactivate and kill bacteria in your drinking water system.

Chemical free solution for bacteria-free water using ultra filtration.

Enwa UV includes two UV series for disinfection of potable- and drinking water. UV systems have an immediate disinfection effect and are often used as a micro bacterial barrier / "gatekeeper".

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Frøydis B. Aasen

Advisor, Water Chemistry
+47 33 48 95 01

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