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Water production using reverse osmosis is effective and has become an economically beneficial method for desalination of sea water and brackish water. 

However the challenge does not only relate to the osmosis process, but the choice of correct dimensioning criteria for pre-filtration based on the local conditions and production cycle for the plants.

Enwa has, with the help of national and international institutes and academic communities in oceanography, studied and gained a good understanding of what challenges to be found in the waters of different parts of the world and what changes that occurs in the oceans as a result of climate change. This information is important as a basis for the correct dimensioning of the facilities, as well as for calculating operating costs and life expectancy.

Water Production

Adequate freshwater may be in short supply at some locations, and the need for large amounts of desalinated water associated with transportation and treatment of fish is increasing rapidly as freshwater has proven to be an effective and gentle treatment against  salmon lice and AGD. With today's power prices in eg. Norway, and with the right design, one can produce 1000 liters (1m³) of water for less than 0.4 €.


Disinfection using UV, photocatalytic or electrocatalytic oxidation as well as membrane technology shows the span of technologies Enwa do master. AOP, our solution based on the photocatalytic oxidation process, is an extremely effective and powerful oxidation that is 30% more powerful than ozone. Our AOP is used for disinfection, color removal and biodegradation of biological material.

Water Purification

Water purification with different particulate filters, biological filters and alkaline filters are other technologies Enwa uses for treatment of water and to manage water quality challenges. 

Production of fresh water from sea water by the use of reverse osmosis.

Enwa UV includes two UV series for disinfection of potable- and drinking water. UV systems have an immediate disinfection effect and are often used as a micro bacterial barrier / "gatekeeper".

A unique, chemical free solution for treatment of water in closed process-,  heating- and cooling systems.

Using the “Advanced Oxidation Process” - one of the most powerful methods for disinfection of drinking water.

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