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Totenbadet: Complete renovation of the SPA department


Vestre Toten municipality - Totenbadet, former Raufoss water park (Raufoss Badeland)

Project delivered


Raufoss water park opened in 1992 and has upgraded again. The facility now consists of 5,000 square meters of artificial river waterfall, ocean waves, tropical plants, swimming pools, slides, gym and sauna.

Construction name: Totenbadet, formerly Raufoss water park

Totenbadet can also boast of a children's pool, water slide of 75 meters, one of Norway's largest wave pools, waterfalls, pool with water massage, steep slide with 40 degree decline, 25-meter swimming pool with five-meter, three-meter and one-meter diving boards, an activity pool with 35 degrees, artificial river and miniature golf.

One of two new whirlpools provided by Enwa Badeanlegg

The relaxation department completely renovated

The Relax department is now completely renovated. Enwa Badeanlegg has delivered two whirlpools that hold 38 degrees, and upgraded the water treatment systems for these. Included in the upgrade is the filter media - from sand to AFM®ng filterglass (AFM filterglass is certified down to 1 micron, documented as the best filter glass on the market. (You can read more about it here. Norwegian only per now).

In addition, a cold pool that maintains 12 degrees has been delivered, also with water treatment system and AFM®ng, as filter media. We also purify the water for the new waterfall in the facility (see picture above).

The cold pool keeps «deliciously» 12 degrees Celsius

There are a total of 5 water treatment systems in the facility

Enwa has delivered a new water treatment system and upgraded one of the existing water treatment systems. There are now filter glass AFM®ng on both of these two systems.

In total, they now have 5 water treatment systems. Two plants thus have AFM filter glass, certified down to 1 micron.

Total amount circulated: Approx. 580 m³/h
Handed over year: 2020

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