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Sør-Aurdalshallen (Sør-Aurdals public pool)


Sør-Aurdal kommune (Sør-Aurdal municipality)


Sanne Hauglid AS Byggmester og Entreprenørforretning

Project delivered

December 2019

Enwa has delivered a fully automatic water treatment system connected to SD systems. The delivery includes a steel pool with UV systems, pool lights and HC lift.

Sør-Aurdalshallen opened in December 2019 with a 25-meter swimming pool and sports hall. 

Construction data

Water treatment systems: 1
Total circulation: 140 m3/h
Pool construction: Steel pool
Delivered year: 2019

We delivered a fully automated water treatment system including the following: 

  • Steel pool, with overflow drains and pool bottom drains in 2 mm stainless steel. Overflow deck level grills, fasteners for path dividers, and ladders recessed in the pool wall.
  • UV filter
  • Pool lights
  • Pool HC lift

Video of the construction of the pool


The construction industry's Bygg.no has written about the project here: Sør-Aurdalshallen

Project manager Oddleiv Juvkam for Sør-Aurdal explains why they chose a steel pool, after they initially intended to go for tiled concrete pool.

Selected steel basin over concrete

"Maintenance costs were an important factor in the choice, but you also avoid some pitfalls. For example, it is quite easy to damage the tile pool if the water is drained too quickly. You do not have to think about that with steel. In addition, it is easier to repair, states Juvkam" Ådne Homleid, Bygg.no (http://www.bygg.no/article/1423699)

Enwa Badeanlegg

Enwa Badeanlegg was in charge of design, assembly and coordination towards adjacent construction areas.

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