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Skattekista Flesberg (Voted sports facility of the year 2020!)

Flott bassengrom med bruk av mye massivtre og trepanel


Flesberg kommune (Flesberg municipality)


Backe Entreprenør Buskerud

Project delivered

September 2019

Flesberg saves 1000 m3 to 1400 m3 of water every year by placing a drum filter in front of the equalization tank and sand filter system.

Skattekista («The treasure chest») in Flesberg municipality were named «Sports Facility of the Year 2020» by Idrettsforbundet, Kulturdepartementet and Bad, park og idrett (the Norwegian Sports Association, the Ministry of Culture, and the association Bath, Park and Sports).

Skattekista is Enwa Badeanlegg's first delivery based on the 2521 concept*.

For Flesberg's swimming pool, Skattekista, Enwa Badeanlegg has delivered a water treatment system with drum filter located before the levelling tank and the sand filter system. The drum filter acts as an additional pre-filter.

Removes 50-70% contamination before the sand filter

With drum filters placed early in the process, a lot of contaminants are removed before the sand filter system. When the sand filter starts the traditional cleaning process, 50 to 70% of all particles have already been removed and the sand filter can thus be scaled down.

Drum filter

Read more about drum filters here (Norwegian only)

Sand filter system is reduced by 50 % 

Due to the drum filter, the sand filter system could be reduced to half the size compared to the normal dimensioning, which saves significant amounts of water for backwashing the filters. This amounts to 1000 m³ to 1400 m³ of water each year. In addition, the water treatment system is demand-controlled, so the entire water treatment system follows the bathing load - and energy is saved. 

Client: Flesberg municipality
Main contractor: Backe Entreprenør Buskerud
Architect: Kristin Borander - WSP

Complete water treatment system - which can be divided in two

Enwa Badeanlegg has delivered a complete water treatment system. The unusual part is that the water treatment system can be divided in two, to treat two temperatures in the pool. The pool is divided in two with adjustable wall and adjustable floors. 

Flesberg can therefore use energy on one system when the pool is full size, and when the two parts have the same temperature. Only in the periods the pool is divided in two with two different temperatures, they need to run two processes.

Drum filters combined with sand filters are fully automated.

Construction data

Number of water treatment systems: 2
Total amount of circulated water: 220 m³/h
Pool construction: Steel / PVC - Pooltech
Handed over: August 2019

The pool itself is provided by Pooltech.

* The 2521 concept seeks to reduce construction and operating costs by means of e.g. prefabricated parts.

Sports Facility of the Year 2020

Idrettsforbundet discusses Skattekista and the award in this article on Idrettsforbundet's website.

Idrettsforbundet on Skattekista and the «Sports Facility of the Year 2020» award.

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