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Leksvik svømmehall (Leksvik public pool)


Leksvik kommune (Leksvik municipality)


Arbeidsfellesskapet Bakøy-Stjerne DA

Project delivered

Fall 2019

Enwa Badeanlegg has delivered two steel pools - one 25-meter pool and one training pool with adjustable floors. Delivery includes two water treatment systems.

The pools are one 25 meter steel pool and one training pool with adjustable floor. In addition, we have delivered two water treatment systems of 130 m3/h and 80 m3/h circulation.

In the training pool there is an HC ramp in connection with the adjustable floor. 

The therapy pool has 32 degrees during normal use. The temperature can be raised to 35 for physiotherapy and other activities where high temperature is preferred.

3.6 meters depth in the 25-meter pool

The 25-meter pool has a depth of 3.6 meters on the diving side. There are a one-meter and a three-meter high diving tower. The temperature in the 25-meter pool is between 27 and 28 degrees.

The steel pools has been delivered by Enwa's supplier Invarmex Steel.

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