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Kvernevik Svømmehall (Kvernevik public pool)


Stavanger Kommune (Stavanger municipality)

Project delivered


Energy consumptions and the environment were the main focus for this project. The public pool is built according to the official standard for passive houses.

Together with Vasshus Entreprenør and architect Laila Løhre, has Enwa delivered the water treatment system for the public pool in Kvernevik svømmehall.

Low water consumption

Stavanger municipality chose a traditional filter system, but with glass instead of sand as filter media. 
This results in a lower water consumption compared to filtering through sand, as the glass more easily releases the contaminants at back wash. 

Kvernevik svømmehall also recovers a good part of the heat from the pool water before the water goes down the drain. The water passes through a heat recovery unit that sends the heat back to the system.

The water treatment system also has an on-demand system, which means that energy consumption can be reduced according to the bath load.

25-meter steel pool

Kvernevik public pool has one pool, of 25 x 12.5 meters. The pool is made of steel and PVC with a sloping floor, and water depth from 1.1 to 3.6 meters.


Construction data:

Number of water treatment systems: 1 
Circulated quantity: 120 to 180 m3/hour
Type of pool: 25 meter pool in steel and PVC

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