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Jessheimbadet Ullensaker


Jessheimbadet (Jessheim public bath)

Project delivered


Jessheimbadet in Ullensaker municipality was completed in December 2020. The staff is now well under way with training, and ready for opening in February 2021.

The building is a landmark of its own - circular, and over two levels. The complex is located right next to the ice and multi-purpose hall at Gystadmarka.

Project picture

  • Client: Ullensaker svømmehall KF (Ullensaker public pool)
  • Head contractor: SEBY AS
  • Architect: Nuno arkitektur / Vindveggen Arkitekter

Just finishing up

The complex include: 

  • 25 x 21 meter competition pool.
  • Two training pool of 9.6 x 12,5 meter with HC ramp. One of those with adjustable floors.
  • Diving pool with 1 + 3 meter diving boards and 5 meter diving tower. 
  • Activity pool with whirlpool beds. 
  • Children's pool 
  • Whirlpool
  • Water slide
  • Two saunas

The facilities are open and bright

There are two HC changing rooms with directly access to the pool, a family changing room with separate access to the pool, and regular women's and men's changing facility. In addition, you will find a store which serves both the wet and dry zones of the complex.

With so many different pools, facilities and with the adjustable floors, there will be many opportunities for the residents of Ullensaker. There is also a water slide and a diving pool with diving boards of 1 meter and 3 meters and a diving platform of 5 meters - so there are opportunities for everyone.

There is a ramp down to the training pools

Tiled whirlpool with water treatment from Enwa Badeanlegg

Enwa Badeanlegg delivered 

4 steel swimming pools, adjustable floor in one, water treatment system for a total of 7 pools (4 steel, 2 tiled and a whirlpool), water treatment, changing rooms and access- and ticketing system. 

Here you will find a short video from the changing rooms posted on their Facebook page. 

Lots of colour in the entrance to the changing rooms

You will find photos and more information, such as opening hours, on Jessheimbadets facebook page.

Above you see one of the four steel pools delivered by Enwa Badeanlegg

It is wonderful to end the swimming session with a relaxing time in the sauna

Construction data

Number of water treatment systems: 4
Total amount of circulated water: 330 m3/h, 230 m3/h, 30 m3/h,  30 m3/h. 
Construction material: 4 steel pools, + 2 tiled concrete pools and 1 tiled whirlpool

Delivered: 2020, December.

Tiled whirlpool beds for a little R & R


Open swimming facilities with many opportunities 

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