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Hurtigruten - MS Roald Amundsen

MS Roald Amundsen Infinity Pool Day Hurtigruten. Foto: Hurtigruten


Hurtigruten, MS Roald Amundsen


Kleven Verft (Kleven Shipyard)

Project delivered


When the world's first hybrid-powered expedition cruise ship was completed in 2019, the pool, whirlpool and water treatment system were supplied by Enwa Badeanlegg.

MS Roald Amundsen will be the world's most environmentally friendly cruise ship, and the first hybrid-powered expedition cruise ship.

- This summer, MS Roald Amundsen made history, as the first cruise ship that sailed only on battery, and the first hybrid-powered ship that made its way through the Northwest Passage, Hurtigruten writes in a press release.

Hurtigruten's new expedition cruise ship MS Roald Amundsen was named in Antarctica in November 2019. MS Roald Amundsen is the first ship to be named in Antarctica.

MS-Roald Amundsen-Svalbard. Foto: Hurtigruten

Photo: Hurtigruten

Complete water treatment system mounted on skid

The water treatment system was built at Enwa's workshop in Sandefjord and delivered as complete unit directly to Kleven Verft. Two water treatment systems have been delivered and 55 cubic meters of water are circulating per hour.

The facility is delivered in accordance with the Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP), USPH 2018 US Public Health.

Infinity pool with panorama view

The pool is an infinity pool, laid out at the very stern of the ship, with panoramic views and a glass wall facing the sea. The pool holds 25 degrees and is approximately 5 x 8 meters. In addition, there are two hot whirlpool tubs specially designed based on the architect's wishes - these are large, and can seat 10-12 people.

Construction data

Number of water treatment systems: 2
Total circulated water amount: 55 m3/h
Pool construction: steel
Whirlpool construction: GRP (glass-reinforced plastic)
Delivered year: 2019

New delivery from Enwa on its way

MS Roald Amundsen will also soon have a hybrid-powered sister ship, MS Fridtjof Nansen. MS Fridtjof Nansen is under construction at Kleven Verft in Ulstein. Enwa Badeanlegg will deliver identical treatment system and bathing facilities to MS Fridtjof Nansen, as was delivered to MS Roald Amundsen.

MS Roald Amundsen Infinity Pool by night. Foto: Hurtigruten

Photo: Hurtigruten.

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