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Holmen Svømmehall (Holmen public pool)


Asker Kommune (Asker municipality)

Project delivered


The swimming pool is a leader in energy-saving technology and will be one of the most energy-efficient swimming pools in Norway. 

Holmen's swimming pool is a Future Built project in collaboration with Verkis and Arkis Arkitekter, as well as TRIO Entreprenører. Holmen swimming pool is a swimming pool of the future. 

Here, Enwa has delivered several energy-saving solutions.

Ceramic membrane filter

In Holmen swimming pool, Enwa has installed the most modern filter technology - ceramic membrane filters based on vacuum.

Steel pool with adjustable floors

The public pool consists of two steel pools. A therapy pool with adjustable floors, as well as a 25 meter pool with 8 lanes, where 3 of the lanes also have adjustable floors.

The function is practical for swimming lessons and children. It is possible to raise the floor all the way up and use it as a cover. When used at a cover when the pool is not in use, evaporation will be reduced. Less evaporation means that the ventilation system can run at a lower power and use less energy.

Automation and demand management

The water treatment system in the basement are fully automated and everything is controlled from the building's SD system. The systems are also demand controlled, which means that the systems will use the amount of energy according to the bath load.

Additional energy and environmentally friendly solutions

Enwa has also provided greywater recycling. The solution returns heat back to the system from water that is on its way to the drain.

The water in the systems circulates with the help of pumps equipped with IE4 motors. The motors are specially developed to be energy efficient and have a lower power consumption than pumps with traditional motors.

Holmen swimming pool has also prioritized the working environment and has its own chlorine production and pH adjustment with CO2.

Enwa Badeanlegg are proud suppliers of energy-saving solutions.

Construction data

Water treatments systems: 2 

Total water circulation: 420m3/h

Pool construction: Steel pool with canvas

Byggeindustrien Bygg.no

Byggeindustriens Bygg.no wrote about the project: 

«Swimming pools are being built all the time, so it is a bit dangerous to say something too bombastic, but I would say that this is one of the most energy efficient swimming pools, if not the most energy efficient, in Norway. And Norway is itself a world leader in this point, emphasizes hired project manager for Asker municipality, Kenneth Olafsen, to Byggeindustrien» from Bygg.no - from a longer article about Holmen Swimming Hall.

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