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Havhesten svømmehall (The Seahorse swimming pool)


Kinn kommune (Kinn municipality)

Project delivered


Havhesten in Kinn municipality has been completely rehabilitated. The swimming pool appears as new, and state-of-the-art, with a fully automated technical system. And what a view!

On Monday 2 November, Havhesten in Kinn opened its doors again after one year of rehabilitation. The goal is to, once again, be the most visited public bath in Sogn- og Fjordane.

The old facility was undersized for today's visitor numbers. It had poor energy utilization, was poorly maintained and the technical facility needed an upgrade. In addition, the current requirements for universal design were not met.

The public pool facilities now appears as new and state-of-the-art, with a fully automated technical system. In addition, there is a modern office space, café, conference room and a separate entrance for schools.


When rehabilitating existing facilities, the limitations of existing buildings must be taken into account.

In order to increase the capacity of the swimming pool, the number of inlet nozzles and gutter downspouts has been increased, to be able to move a larger amount of circulation. The water treatment system have been given a dedicated flushing tank, which together with Enwa Heat Saver contributes to increased energy savings. The leveling tank for the main pool has also been expanded to remove all the overflow water.

Client-managed contract

The project has been carried out as a client-driven contract.

Turnkey water treatment pool: Enwa Badeanlegg.
Consulting engineers: Sweco
Construction contractor: Harald M Kapstad
Plumbing: Skaar VVS
Ventilation: GK Ventilasjon
Electro: NBN
Automation: GK Automasjon
Architect: Salt Arkitekter

Enwa delivered two identical systems with automated backwashing and dosing. The water treatment system has traditional sand filters combined with UV radiation and calcium hypochlorite for disinfection. In addition to Enwa Heat Saver, will the load-controlled circulation pumps contribute to energy savings. The system is also equipped with intensity-optimizing UV radiation which both reduces energy consumption and extends the life of the UV lamps.

Construction data

Number of water treatment systems: 2
Total circulated quantity: 295 m3/hour
Pool construction: tiled concrete
Handed over year: 2020

You can read more about Havhesten in Kinn municipality here.

Impeccable views from the swimming pool!

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