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Fyret flerbrukshus, Fosnes


Fosnes Kommune (Fosnes municipality)

Project delivered


Fyret (The lighthouse), is a multi-purpose community house in Fosnes, built for public health and swimming education. The public pool is a steel pool for a modern school- and public bath house.

The swimming pool is compact and measure 12.5 x 8.5 meter.

As the pool is to be used for swimming lessons, therapy and wellness, it is equipped with an adjustable floor. This solution provides a step less regulation of the water depth from 0-1.6 meters.


The building has a universal design and is built according to the passive house standard. Heat pump is installed for heat recovery from the ventilation system to air, pool water and tap water

To save energy costs, the adjustable floor is raised above the water level in the pool when the pool is not in use. This prevents evaporation and the need for heating and dehumidification are therefor reduced.

The adjustable floor has been shown to provide even more and different uses than originally intended.

Innovative and environmentally friendly solutions

The water treatment system is built with several environmentally friendly alternatives. In the filters, glass is used as filter media instead of the usual sand. This contributes to a lower water consumption than when using sand, as the glass releases impurities faster during filter back wash. 

The filter system is also supplemented with a marble filter to make the water less aggressive and prevent corrosion. In addition, the operation is fully automated and demand-driven and has readings up to SD systems.

Construction data

Water treatment systems: 1

Total circulated water: 80 m³/t

Pool construction: Steel pool of 12.5 x 8.5 meter with adjustable floors

Fosnes municipality is now included in Namsos municipality - in Trøndelag. 

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