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Project delivered


The largest swimming facility in Norway

One of Norway's largest water parks

With its 9 pools, Drammensbadet is one of Norway's largest water parks. The project was Enwa's first major project, delivered in 2008.

In the basement in Drammen are 5 large water treatment systems that supply the various pools with purified water. In the facilities, a total of 1500m3 of water per hour circulates for kilometers with pipes.

In the swimming pool you will find solutions and products that create a great experience for the visitor.

In the swimming pool you will find solutions and products that create a great experience for the visitor

Enwa deliveries include:

  • Dockport
  • Flow channel
  • Wave machine
  • Water slides
  • Water cannons
  • Water massage systems
  • Counter current system
  • Jacuzzi
  • Raised and lowered bottom
  • Cold pool
  • Automatic water treatment systems

Fully automated water treatment

With the vision of building Norway's largest water park, of course, also came the understanding that there would be many filters to deal with. With over 30 large filters in the basement, Drammensbadet chose to go for a fully automatic solution for backwashing.

A fully automatic system simplifies everyday life for the operation and the employees have more time for other tasks.

In 2008, when the plant was ready, fully automatic systems were a relatively new solution in the pool industry. Automatic systems are now widely used to the beneft of pool customers and pool staff.

Low energy consumption 

To supply all pools with water, Drammensbadet uses 10 large circulation pumps. The pumps run 24 hours a day, but in the evening and at night, when no one is bathing, the frequency of the pumps is regulated down and the system uses less power.

Constuction data

Number of treatment system: 5
Amount of circulated water: 1500 m3 / h
Construction of pools: Tiles over concrete. Fiberglass whirlpool tub
Handed over: 2008

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