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Campus Ås - Aquatic therapy for cats and dogs


Campus Ås - Statsbygg

Project delivered


After 30 years in the business, one might think that we had experience with most types of pools, but a therapy pool for dogs and cats (!) - that was the first time around.

Campus Adamstuen with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute has moved to Campus Ås. With this move, all faculties of Norwegian University of Life Sciences NMBU are located in one place. 

Project picture - Campus Ås 

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biosciences (Vetbio)

The new state-of-the-art research- and teaching building for veterinary science has a therapy pool for dogs and cats. The pool is tiled, cast in concrete and equipped with a counter-current jet pump. The counter-current pump ensures that the dogs can swim in one place.

Ready to go

In connection with the therapy pool, a separate Water Walker has also been installed - a treadmill for dogs under water.

Enwa Badeanlegg has taken care of the water purification.

The treatment applicaton consists of a sand filter with UV system, with automatic backwashing of the sand filter. There is also automatic dosing of pH, chlorine and flocculation.

Client: Statsbygg
Main contractor: HENT


Construction data

Number of water treatement systems: 1
Total sirculated water: 5 m3 / h
Pool construction: Concrete with tiles

Delivery: 2020

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