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Austrått svømmehall (Austrått public pool)


Sandnes kommune (Sandnes municipality)

Project delivered


Finally. It was more than 30 years since a new swimming pool was last opened in Sandnes. The day was long anticipated when the new pool finally was ready. Austrått public pool at Iglemyr opened its doors to the public on 4 November 2020.

The swimming pool has been named Austrått svømmehall, after being called Iglemyr svømmehall (Iglemyr public pool) during the design- and construction period.


Enwa has supplied the water treatment for the three pools. The main pool is 25 meters x 21 meters. There are also an activity/training pool of 8 x 12 meters and a training / therapy pool of 9.5 x 12 meters.

In addition, the swimming pool has a diving board of one meter and a diving tower of 3 meters.

 The competition pool seen from the stands. The pool has diving boards of one and three meters.

Water heat exchanger was also delivered to the swimming complex, as part of the goal of low energy costs in the building.

 There are three water treatment systems

Construction data

Water treatment systems: 3
Total circulated amount of water: 210 m3/h, 135 m3/h og 135 m3/h for the three pools
Pool construction: tiles over concrete

When the building is located in a swamp

Austrått swimming pool is located in the area Iglemyr. As the name suggests, the swimming pool is located in a swamp. Building a large building in a bog offers a number of challenges.

Since the building is, so to speak, in water, the entire lower floor is built as a watertight construction. «The building rests on piles that have been drilled down and fastened firmly in the rock. At the same time, it is fastened with tension poles, to prevent buoyancy. The drain pipes are located under the concrete base plate and the whole building is on a styrofoam plate.» Bygg.no (http://www.bygg.no/article/1435925)

Read more about the fascinating solutions, which include 107 truck loads of concrete delivered in one day, and 60 ropes across the building to get the wall and ceiling locked together.

 The complex has a lot of visible concrete and gets a tough look

Tour de Austrått 

Sandnes municipality has made this cool video, which shows everything from the building, via reception and changing rooms to the pools. We even take a short tour down into the crystal clear water. Everything in less than two minutes.

Video tour

Jump in :)

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