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Implementation of projects has always been one of the main focus areas for Enwa Badeanlegg. We have completed over 500 projects that are regulated by  Norwegian public swimming pools regulations.

Our customers are usually municipalities or contractors who want to build or rehabilitate water parks, SPA hotels, school pools, swimming pools, pool at campsites or cruise ships jacuzzies and pools.

We have also provided water treatments and attractions to some of the most exclusive private pools in Norway.

To carry out the projects, we have a solid project department consisting of project managers, engineers and fitters with long professional experience.

Together with our partners and suppliers, we meet customers' requirements and provide safe and secure, crystal clear and sometimes bubbling, splashing and cascading bathing water.

Jessheimbadet in Ullensaker municipality was completed in December 2020. The staff is now well under way with training, and ready for opening in February 2021.

After 30 years in the business, one might think that we had experience with most types of pool, but therapy pool for dogs and cats (!) - that was the first time for us.

Finally. It was more than 30 years since a new swimming pool was last opened in Sandnes. The day long anticipated when the new pool was finally ready. Austrått swimming pool at Iglemyr opened its doors to the public on 4 November 2020.

The largest swimming facility in Norway

A modern and technically exciting facility

In the middle of the Swedish forest

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