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Distribution contract signed between Apurgo AS and Enwa

New disinfection solution "Apurgo M3" for combating the growth of bacteria and legionella in potable water.

The "Apurgo M3" solution is developed in close cooperation with NTNU and SINTEF and offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology for combating the growth of bacteria and legionella in potable water. "We are looking forward to the cooperation between our companies".

Legionella Control

"There is an increasing need for solutions within legionella control. The solutions described in NIPH’s water report 118, are often difficult to accomplish or not sufficient to achieve good results" says Enwa’s Sales Manager Henrik Rosenquist, and continues; "Apurgo M3" is a product that is efficient, stable and fully automated. There is no handling of hazardous chemicals, no expensive heating of water and no need for investing in extensive dosing installations. 

A result of advanced water research at NTU

The "Apurgo M3" solution is based on silver- and copper ionization. Theuse of silver and copper in water treatment has been known and used for years, but “Apurgo M3” uniqueness is the individual silver- and copper cells and fully automated control- and operating system. "Apurgo M3" is a result of advanced water research at NTNU. "Apurgo M3" is approved by the Norwegian food authorities. The silver- and copper concentrations are well below the drinking water quality limits, which are of great importance for Enwa’s environmental profile.

The contract is valid for Norway and other countries where Enwa is established as well as marine and offshore installations.

 Apurgo AS is a Norwegian company developed and established at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2009.

 *NIPH = Norwegian Institute of Public Health

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