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A well-functioning water treatment system provides a safe swimming pool

The technique and theory behind a crystal clear swimming pool can be somewhat complicated. Ensuring that the water treatment system works, however is manageable. 

We perform service for the professional market - for private pools, contact Enwa Pahlen.

We offer the following services:

  • Start-up / shutdown service
  • Personnel training
  • Maintenance service
  • Emergency repairs
  • Telephone support
  • Repairs of robot cleaners


Once you have received service from Enwa, you as a customer can be confident that the system you handle works in the best possible way. You will know that you have enough competence to operate every part of the system, and that the clients can enjoy a safe and clear swimming water.

Our task

We will solve the issues that have arisen, but even better for all parts, we want to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Furthermore, we strive to inspire and share the knowledge we have acquired through 30 years in the pool industry. The result should be that the pool's own maintenance personnel can confidently operate the pools. 


We value a close collaboration with existing and new customers alike. Together we can ensure a continued high water quality in Norwegian swimming pools!

Order service

Contact us by phone +47 22 30 40 40 or send an email to service.enwabad@enwa.com.

Kontakt oss

Offentlige bad Norge

Enwa Badeanlegg AS

+47 22 30 40 40


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