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Property Applications

Water remains at the heart of commercial properties and cooling schemes.

Components within todays heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are manufactured smaller, thinner and narrower to maximise heat transfer efficiency and reduce installation time. As a consequence components have reduced tolerances to poor water quality.

Poor water quality readily compromise the efficiency of individual components and HVAC systems as a whole

Safe and healthy drinking water is another perspective of water being at the heart of commercial properties.

Enwa supply different types of filters as, bag filter, cartridge filter, filter housings in different materials and types.

Enwa delivers EnwaMatic for the heating and cooling system.

Enwa has delivered water treatment solutions for the Opera house.

Enwa delivers EnwaMatic units for the heating and cooling system.

Enwa has delivered EnwaMatic to the heating and cooling systems.

Fresh water from the sea for new guest harbour on the Swedish westcoast

Fresh water from the sea for new water work on the Island Möja, Stockholm

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