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Enwa Apurgo

The NIPH approved Enwa Apurgo; silver- and copper ionization.

Enwa Apurgo adopts the well proved technology of silver- and copper ionization to inactivate and kill bacteria in your potable water system. Enwa Apurgo has a long-term cleaning and disinfection effect very suitable to prevent creation of biofilm and bacteria growth, including legionella, in complex water distribution systems.  Enwa Apurgo is approved by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH). The solution can be used both in new-buildings and retrofits. 

Legionella prevention

Enwa Apurgo generates ions from individual copper- and silver cells acting as electrodes by using electrical current. The silver- and copper ions penetrate the bacteria’s cell wall hence the bacteria burst and die. The silver- and copper ions are very stable which enable a treatment effect throughout the complete piping- and distribution system. Research confirms that the legionella bacteria find protection inside the amoebae. Many disinfection technologies are not capable of killing the amoebae and therefor not capable to inactivate and kill the legionella bacteria. The technology used in Enwa Apurgo kills the amoebae as well as the bacteria.

Advantages of Enwa Apurgo

  • Efficient treatment of biofilm and outbreak of legionella bacteria; Kills biofilm, amoebae and the bacteria itself.
  • Approved technology; Approved by the NIPH  
  • Low operational and maintenance costs; Low power consumption; Easy maintenance
  • Safe; Fully automated regulation and monitoring system- no overdosing; No harmful chemicals added; No by-products are generated.
  • Module based design easily designed to fit any water consumption; Compact – small footprint

Enwa Apurgo is especially suited for large and relatively complicated piping- and distribution systems with many installations, tapping points and dead-ends.

Please contact Enwa for further technical specifications and product details.

Contact us

Frøydis B. Aasen

Advisor, Water Chemistry
+47 33 48 95 01

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