Oslo Opera House

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Safe drinking water, clean process water, corrosion prevention and energy efficiency in piping are some of the areas where our knowledge and products are adding value to our customers.

Clean water is often a requirement in a customer process. We design our solutions to meet the specific needs.

Water remains at the heart of commercial properties and cooling schemes.

Filters for purification of well- and surface water and desalination units for sea and brackish water.

With new graphic design and structure we are able to present our water treatment solutions in a modern and accessible manner. 

New disinfection solution "Apurgo M3" for combating the growth of bacteria and legionella in potable water.

Enwa delivers a new water treatment system for the cooling and heating system at Gardemoen, Oslo Airport.

Enwa delivers EnwaMatic for the heating and cooling system.

Enwa has delivered water treatment solutions for the Opera house.

Enwa delivers EnwaMatic units for the heating and cooling system.

Enwa has delivered EnwaMatic to the heating and cooling systems.

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